Access Control Mag Lock Kits

Access Control Mag Lock Kits include many items and we have therefore created access control kits to make your shopping experience easier. We offer access control systems using digital keypad, proximity card reader, fingerprint reader, wireless remote and fob reader. Many of our door access control lock kits are paired with a magnetic lock or electric door strike so you can purchase a complete access control system with just one click.

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  • Model TSKIT-PUSH Complete Wireless Entry Kit for Magnetic Locks (ASE-TSKIT-PUSH)

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  • Model BK600LB/PUSH/KEYSW One Door Magnetic Lock Kit 600Lbs Hold Force With Key Switch & Exit Button

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  • Model Retailstoremlk1200 Retail Store Single Door Electric Magnetic Lock Access Kit

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  • Model FAS-RNT-230SADK-10CARDS Complete FAS-RNT-230SADK Card / FOB Reader Kit for Magnetic Locks

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  • Model FAS-SB-F700EM-II/DS150IKT Fingerprint Biometric Door Access Kit (ASE-SBF700/DS150IKT)

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  • Model 6062-HPB4SQHB-DS150IKIT Handicapped Access Control System With Wireless Exterior Entry Button

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  • Model FAS-RNT-230SADK Pedestrian Gate Maglock Kit with Keypad / Card / FOB Reader

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  • Model 1000KPWRVRkit Gate Access Magnetic Lock Kit With Heavy Duty Weather Resistant Keypad

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Displaying 25 - 32 of 3412345 Show All