Electric Door Strike

Electric Door Strike-
An electric door strike is one of the most common types of electric locks and they are an integral part of an access control system. Electric door strikes come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to be suitable for a wide range of doors. The electric door strike can be used in most access control systems including both commercial and residential applications. It is also common to pair with request to exit devices, push buttons, digital keypads and even a card access system.

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  • Model 300NOA Fail Secure Electric Strike (ASE-300NOA)

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  • Model 313NC Glass Door Fail Safe Electric Strike (ASE-313NC)

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  • Model 160S Fail Secure European Style Electric Strike (ASE-160S)

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  • Model HS125SLD Electric Strike Fail Secure (ASE-HS125SLD)

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  • Model 701A Electric Strike (ASE-701A)

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  • Model 350NCB Narrow Style Fail Safe Normally Closed Electric Strike (ASE-350NCB)

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  • Model 705STRIKE Electric Strike (ASE-705STRIKE)

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  • Model ASE-350NOA Narrow Fail Secure NO Electric Strike (ASE-350NOA)

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