Electromagnetic Door Lock

Electromagnetic Door Lock-
Securakey Plus carries a wide selection of electric locks and offers more that twenty different models of Electro-magnetic Locks, often referred to as a Mag-Lock or Magnetic Lock. Typically, electromagnetic locks require power to stay locked and therefore considered a “Fail Safe” device. Most of our electric locks also are loaded with extra features like door sensor, monitoring, time delay and spike suppression. Battery backup systems are also available and recommended for high security applications.

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  • Model 400GS Weatherproof Pedestrian Gate Lock with 400 lbs. Holding Force (ASE-400GS)

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  • Model ULM600LSD Mortise Mount Indoor Magnetic Lock With 600 lbs. Holding Force (ASE-ULM600LSD)

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  • Model 2x800MAGD Double Door Magnetic Lock Holding Force 800 lbs Per Side / Total 1600 lbs (ASE-2x800

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  • Model 503 Electromagnetic Door Holder With 110 lbs. Holding Force (ASE-503)

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  • Model 2600SHEARLOCK Shear Lock Magnetic Lock With 2600 LBS. Holding Force (ASE-2600SHEARLOCK)

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  • Model ACC600 Surface Mount UL Listed Magnetic Lock with 600 lbs. Holding Force (ASE-ACC600)

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  • Model W1200 - Surface Mount Indoor Magnetic Lock With 1200 lb. Holding Force (ASE-W1200)

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  • Model 600LSDSDM Surface Mount Single Door Magnetic Lock with 600 lbs. Holding Force (ASE-600LSDSDM)

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