Electromagnetic Lock Brackets

Electromagnetic Lock Brackets-
Certain applications, mostly In-swing door applications require magnetic lock brackets which make the door lock system adaptable for in-swing applications. In-swing applications usually require a three piece L and Z bracket set while a glass door might require a U Bracket. These being the most common electric0magnetic door lock brackets.

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  • Model N-LZBRACKETS800 3 Piece L & Z Bracket Set For 800 LB. Holding Force Magnetic Lock (ASE-N-LZBRA

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  • Model LZBRACKET800 Magnetic Lock Bracket (ASE-LZBRACKET800)

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  • Model LZ-600 L & Z Bracket Set For Magnetic Lock Model ASE-1300GS (ASE-LZ-600)

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  • Model MAG-LZ102 L Bracket (ASE-H-L1022)

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  • Model MiniZ082 Z Bracket Set (ASE-MINIZ082)

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  • Model HU185 U Bracket (ASE-HU185)

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  • Model W250LZ L & Z Bracket W250LZ For Model W600 Magnetic Lock With 600 lb. Holding Force (ASE-W250L

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  • Model 1012G L & Z Bracket Set (ASE-1012G)

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