Power Supply & Battery Back-Up

Power Supply & Battery Back-up-
Electric locks require a constant power supply suitable to handle the electric locks voltage. The most common power supply for an electric lock, specifically a magnetic lock or electric strike, would have an Output Voltage of 500mA or 1000mA. A Battery Back-up system for an electric lock maintains power to the lock during an outage or intentional disruption of power / electricity.

  • Model SECURAKEY-SK-ACP-PS Transformer and Battery (SECURAKEY-SK-ACP-PS)

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  • Model 12V3500AMP 12 Volt Switching Power Supply 3500mA UL Listed (ASE-12V3500AMP)

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  • Model 12V500A Power Supply / Transformer (12 Volt, 500 Amp) (ASE-12V500A)

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  • Model 12VDC7ABUPBOX Battery Back-Up System & Enclosure For Magnetic Lock (ASE-12VDC7ABUPBOX)

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  • Model 12V1000AMP Power Supply / Transformer (1000mA) (ASE-12V1000AMP)

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  • Model 12VDC2AMP 12 Volt DC 2 Amp UL Listed Switching Power Supply (ASE-12VDC2AMP)

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  • SecuraKey SK-24VDC , 500 Ma PLUG-IN POWER SUPPLY

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