Proximity Access Cards

Proximity Access Cards-
Securakey access control systems require either a proximity card, clamshell card or key FOB to communicate with the reader enabling the system to grant entry to a user. Proximity Cards or Key FOBS must utilize a facility code which identifies a specific site and a sequence number which identifies a specific card. Orders over fifty require a facility code and sequence number and customers without an existing system can opt to receive their order with the fist available facility code and sequence numbers from the factory. When re-ordering prox cards, it is wise to maintain the same facility code and start the first new card with the next sequence number from your previous order.

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  • SecuraKey RKKT-02-2-10 (New #RKKT-02-2) Key FOBS (10 fobs)

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  • Securakey RKKT-01-2-25 (New #RKKT-01-2) Key Fob for Proximity Reader RK-600 (25 fobs)

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  • Securakey's ISO Cards Encrypted 26Bit ETCI-04-1-25 Wiegand For WXM & WXS Card Readers (25 cards)

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  • Securakey eTag Smart Key Tags Model ETST-W26 (New # ETST-03-1) For eAccess Kit (50 tags)

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  • Securakey's ISO Cards Encrypted ETCI-W26 (New # ETCI-04-1) 26Bit Wiegand For WXM & WXS Card Readers

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  • Securakey PD26 Programming Deck for SK-26SA & SK-28SA

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  • Securakey RKCM-01 (New #RKCM-01-2) Clamshell Proximity Cards (Pack of 50 Cards)

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  • Securakey RKKT-01-2-10 (New #RKKT-01-2) Key Fob for Proximity Reader RK-600 (10 fobs)

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