Proximity Reader & Smart Reader

Proximity Reader & Smart Reader Description-
We offer a wide variety of Securakey proximity readers and smart readers. A proximity card reader is a device that inputs data from a proximity card, key FOB or similar accessory and can be programmed to allow only authorized personnel to be granted access at a given location. card readers are commonly used in security system applications to read the credentials that allow access at an access control point and most typically a door with a magnetic lock. Newer technology includes Secura-Key Smart Readers which are uniquely designed to operate with custom software applications that were developed by an original equipment manufacturer and / or a systems integrator. Functionality includes access control, fuel management, data retrieval and many other applications.

  • Secura Key RKDT-SR-M Dual Technology Smart Reader

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  • Securakey Radio Key 600 Access Control System

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  • Securakey 28SA PLUS Proximity Card Reader

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  • Securakey RK-HHP Hand Held Programmer

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  • Secura Key RKDT-SR-S Dual Technology Smart Reader

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  • Securakey SK-RK600E Stand Alone Proximity Access Control Reader

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  • Securakey 26SA-SM PLUS Proximity Card Reader

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