Model 1000KPWRVRkit Gate Access Magnetic Lock Kit With Heavy Duty Weather Resistant Keypad

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Weight: 15lb
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This kit is built for gate access control that contains the following components: 1 - 1000KPWRVR Post Mount Digital Keypad With Temporary Code Feature & 1000 User Codes, 1 - Model PGBUTTON05G Heavy Duty Plate Push To Open Button, 1 - ASE-TSFAKIT433-1K Kit Wireless Long Range Receiver Kit that includes a receiver and 2 remote control transmitters, 1 - 12 Volt DC 2 Amp, 1 Altronix 6062 Timer Module, 1 Single Gang (silver) Weather Resistant Outlet Box and you may choose a Magnetic Lock with it's optional bracket. Estimated Range is 150'+ line of sight.

1000 User Gate Access Kit Includes:

  • 1- Weather & Vandal Resistant Digital Keypad
  • 1- Single Gang Box
  • 1- Timer Module
  • 1- Power Supply
  • 1- Push to Exit Button
  • 1- Wireless Long Range Receiver Kit (Range: 150'+ Line of Sight)

NOTE: Magnetic Lock Sold Separately. If needed, choose from the above related items or from our Electromagnetic Door Lock Category

All Magnetic Locks Include Armature Plate & Mounting Hardware For Basic Out-swing Applications.

Additional Product Information

Weather & Vandal Resistant Digital Keypad: This post mount digital keypad with temporary code feature & 1000 user codes is a self-contained three relay outputs, vandal resistant and weatherproof keypad. It can work independently as a stand alone keypad or together with our controller to form a high security split-decoded keypad system. It also provides 34 bits Wiegand data output from the entry of an PIN/ code. The Wiegand data can be used by consultants and end users when setting product design or system installation criteria. The keypad unit comes with plenty of functions for owner's selection via programming. Owners can take them freely to tailor the desired features for their system. It is an ideal keypad mainly for Door Strike and Alarm Arm and disarm control. It is also a programmable industrial timer (with the timing of 1 second to over 24 hours) for Automatic Operator systems. The ASE-1000KPWRVR is designed for surface mounting on wall or on a mounting post! More Info

Single Gang Box: Single gang (Silver) weather resistant outlet box for our light plate size request to exit push buttons. More Info

Push to Exit Button: This high visibility (green) push button, Model PGBUTTON05G provides a clearly visible means of actuating an electric locking device / release. Our easy to operate, request-to-exit controls are ideal for use in any facility with access controlled entry/exit.
More Info

Power Supply: 12 Volt DC 2 Amp UL Listed Switching Power Supply. This transformer produces a consistent 12 Volt power supply for electronics. More Info

Timer Module: The Altronix 6062 is a programmable timer meant for access control appliations, dialer delay, guard tour timer, siren & bell cutoff modules, etc... More Info

Long Range Wireless 1 Channel Kit (433 MHz):
Model TSFAKIT433-1K 2 channel long range receiver (433 MHz) kit with two 1 channel mini keychain transmitters is the perfect wireless access control solution for any electric magnetic lock or gate access system. Range up to 150+ feet.
More Info

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