Model JWMLK1200 Jewelry Store Magnetic Lock Kit System With 1200 lbs Holding Force & Back-Up Battery

$321.98 (Excl. tax)
Weight: 32lb
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The Jewelry Store Magnetic Lock Kit System With Battery Back-Up is designed and integrated to be used as a complete access control solution for a Jewelry Store. You may choose 1 Request to Exit Button or Motion Sensor. Estimated Range is 150'+ line of sight.

Jewelry Store Magnetic Lock Kit Includes:

  • 1 UL Listed 1200LB Magnetic Lock
  • 1 Magnetic Lock Buzzer
  • 1 On / Off Permanent Key Switch
  • 1 433 MHz Long Range Wireless Receiver (Range 150'+ line of sight)
  • 2 433 MHz Remotes
  • 1 Antenna
  • 1 Battery Backup Box
  • 2 Batteries
  • Switching Control Board
  • 1 Transformer 16 VAC 40 Amp

All Magnetic Locks Include Armature Plate & Mounting Hardware For Basic Out-swing Applications.

**Note: In-swing Doors require L & Z Brackets sold separately and available in our "Magnetic Lock Brackets" section.

Additional Product Information

UL1200LSDM Magnetic Lock: This Surface Mount UL Listed Single Door Magnetic Lock has 1200 lbs. Holding Force.

and Surface Mounts for Single Door applications. Features Delay, Monitoring, LED, Lock Sensor, and Voltage Spike Suppressor. CE Approved. More Info

On / Off Permanent Key Switch: Heavy duty switch and cast stainless steel face plates provide unparalleled performance. This high visibility switch, Model PB21K provides a convenient way of powering on or off an electric locking device. Our easy to operate key switches are ideal for use in any facility with access controlled entry/exit. More Info

BZ05 External Buzzer: Model BZ05 Mini External Buzzer for access control Lock systems. Buzzer sounds informing you your magnetic lock is demagnetized / unlocked. More Info

Long Range Wireless 1 Channel Kit (433 MHz):
Model TSFAKIT433-1K 2 channel long range receiver (433 MHz) kit with two 1 channel mini keychain transmitters is the perfect wireless access control solution for any electric magnetic lock or gate access system. Range up to 150+ feet.
More Info

Battery Backup System: Model 12VDC7ABUPBOX Battery Back-Up System & Enclosure For Magnetic Lock. Includes Battery (12VDC 7 Amp), Switching Board, And Transformer (16 VAC 40 Amp transformer). Workable system for 6, 12 & 24VDC! More Info

Extra Battery: Additional battery for battery back-up kits (Models 12VDC7ABUPBOX & 12VDC7ABUP using 12V / 7Ah battery. More Info

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