Model LIF377WLESSKIT Wireless Door Access Kit (ASE-LIF377WLESSKIT)

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Weight: 8lb
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This kit for wireless entry access control application includes: 1 LiftMaster 377LM Wireless Fingerprint Keylpad Entry System, 1 LiftMaster 312HM Universal Coaxial Receiver, 1 MGT2412DV Transformer, KIT-PAM2 Relay, HPB21 Press To Exit Button, and a DS150i Motion Detector. You may also add a Magnetic Lock, electric strike or electric deadbolt of your choice.

Wireless Entry Door Access Kit Includes:

  • 1 Liftmaster 377LM Wireless keypad
  • 1 Liftmaster 312HM Wireless Receiver
  • 1 PAM2 Relay
  • 1 HPB21 Press To Exit Button
  • 1 MGT2412DV Transformer
  • 1 Bosch DS150i Motion Sensor

NOTE: Magnetic Lock Sold Separately. If needed, choose from the above related items or from our Electromagnetic Door Lock Category

All Magnetic Locks Include Armature Plate & Mounting Hardware For Basic Out-swing Applications.

**Note: In-swing Doors require L & Z Brackets sold separately and available in our "Magnetic Lock Brackets" section.

Additional Product Information

Liftmaster 312HM Wireless Receiver: Liftmaster 312HM receiver is suitable for 1 automatic gate or garage door opening application. Includes rolling code technology. This unit is FCC certifies at 315MHz and works with all Liftmaster Security+ remote control transmitters. More Info

PAM2 Relay: The MAG-PAM2 NO / NC Relay provides 7.0 Amp form C contacts. The relay may be energized by one of two input voltages: 12VDC or 24VDC. The input voltages are polarity sensitive and diode protected. A red LED is provided which, when illuminated, indicates the relay coil is energized. More Info

HPB21 Press To Exit Button: This high visibility push button, Model HPB21 provides a clearly visible means of actuating an electric locking device / release. Our easy to operate, request-to-exit controls are ideal for use in any facility with access controlled entry/exit. More Info

Bosch DS150i Motion Sensor: The WHITE Bosch DS150i is specifically designed for Request-to-Exit (REX) applications. The DS150i detects motion in its coverage area and signals an access control system or door control device. More Info

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