Securakey PD26 Programming Deck for SK-26SA & SK-28SA

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Weight: 2lb
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Securakey PD26 Programming cards are used to tell the card reader (ex. ENTRACOMP 26SA) what it is to do. As with access cards, program cards are magnetically encoded with a common system code and instruction information. The system code of your program cards is the same as the system code of your access cards. Your unique system code is what prevents program cards from other systems from programming your system. There are 15 different program cards. There are ten number cards (0 through 9) and five function cards.

Please note that for existing applications (with existing proximity cards) we will require the facility code of the existing cards to be provided below for the PD26 to function. Programming Deck for new applications (no existing proximity cards) do not require facility code.