Securakey RK-WL Long Range Proximity Reader

$429.00 (Excl. tax)
Weight: 5lb
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Securakey RK-WL long-range proximity reader with Dynascan features an exceptional read range at a very low cost.

The Securakey RK-WL Proximity Reader has been designed for use where a conventional proximity reader just won't do. This extended-range reader will read Secura Key proximity cards or tags as far as 36 inches away.* Engineered to integrate into any system requiring a Wiegand output, card data can be transmitted in virtually any format up to 40 bits. Secura Key's patented Dynascan technology assures maximum reader performance in any environment. The housing is potted and rated for extreme weather conditions. The unit is vandal-resistant and includes LED and buzzer control.Installation of the RK-WL is easy. The reader can be mounted to a single-gang or a double-gang electrical box, to a parking pedestal or to virtually any flat surface.

Read range varies depending upon location and radio-frequency environment. While 36" range can be achieved under excellent conditions, your results may vary. Generally speaking, outdoor installations will provide more range than interior installations.


  • Extended Read Range
  • Wiegand Formats UP TO 40 BITS
  • Extreme Weather Resistance
  • Vandal Resistant
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy Dealer Installation
  • LED and Buzzer
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